Goals vs Objectives

Crow in London

Stopped at a traffic light mid-day in early spring, my eye was drawn to movement in the tree beside the road. In the highest branches, a crow was busy selecting, pulling and tugging small twigs. I was first impressed with his dexterity – the branches were tightly packed, creating a daunting thicket for so large a bird, but he hopped, turned and hopped again, expertly navigating the dense treetop.

Shortly, though, I was even more impressed with his persistence. There had been just enough warm weather to make the twigs pliable. They didn’t snap off easily, but bent from the effort of the crow’s labor, making it difficult for him to separate them from the larger limbs. He worked with patient focus, though, choosing first one and then another, until the twig surrendered its attachment to the tree, and belonged to him. And off he flew, carrying his loot . . . where?

Well, of course. He wasn’t working with such dedication because he wanted a twig. He wanted a nest!